[r163] Node-Webkit gamepad support regression

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  • FYI I never saw any "Bug Report Template" appear when I clicked "Post a new topic"

    I have a Logitech Dual Action controller (It looks like this, can't get more specific with the model number). It's not an XInput compatible controller, but it worked with Node-Webkit regardless. It doesn't work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.

    I updated Construct 2 to find that the controller no longer worked with Node-Webkit. I tested to find out exactly which version it stopped working in, and found that it worked just fine in r160, and didn't work in r160.2. I also tested with a wired Xbox360 controller, and that still works. Copying the 'exporters\html5\node-webkit\win32' folder from r160 and placing it into r160.2 makes my Logitech controller work again. Here is a test .capx, though I don't see the point of that for this report.

    I realize this technically isn't a Construct 2 issue, but this update does pose a problem for me. Replacing the Node-Webkit exporter every time I update Construct 2 is an annoying workaround, especially since I'm likely to forget about this by the time another stable update rolls around. Additionally, there may eventually be some future update or plugin that requires the newer version of Node-Webkit, which will make this problem much worse.

  • There probably isn't much reason why it should work, as far as I'm aware only Xinput controllers are meant to work with it?

    However, Chrome 35 (or 34?) will have support for pretty much every controller (all my awesome obscure ones work so far, in Canary). So hopefully that will come hastily to the node-webkit some day!

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  • It's not a Construct 2 issue, it's a change in Chrome's gamepad support. IIRC they turned off DirectInput support because it crashed all the time, but XInput compatible controllers should still work.

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