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  • Problem Description

    Unless the distance expression shouldn't give back the distance between two points, I think this expressions result ist wrong.

    round(distance(Pos1.X, Pos2.X, Pos1.Y,Pos2.Y))[/code:1y391j78]
    [u]compared to[/u]
    [code:1y391j78]round(sqrt(abs(Pos1.X - Pos2.X)^2 + abs(Pos1.Y - Pos2.Y)^2))[/code:1y391j78]
    This - IMHO correct way to calculate the distance - gives a very different result using the distance expression.
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  • Not a bug.

    The correct way to use the distance function is:

    distance(Pos1.X, Pos1.Y, Pos2.X, Pos2.Y)[/code:1czenn2n]
    Notice the x,y pairs are next to each other.
    It's exactly the same as:
    [code:1czenn2n]sqrt((Pos2.X - Pos1.X)^2 + (Pos2.Y - Pos1.Y)^2)[/code:1czenn2n]
    [code:1czenn2n]sqrt((Pos1.X - Pos2.X)^2 + (Pos1.Y - Pos2.Y)^2)[/code:1czenn2n]
    The abs() isn't needed since any number squared is always positive.
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  • Ahh, my bad, sorry, sorry, sorry -> ashamed in the leftmost corner.... (the eyes, old eyes, small screen, high resolution )

    Thanks R0J0hound. I'll try to delete or let this thread delete.

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