R144 CocoonJS Launcher JQuery error-Any example.

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  • Link to .capx file (required!):


    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open Construct

    2. Click Browse Example

    3. Pick any projects. (Example -Pick nearest) -I'm not using any physic.

    Observed result:

    Javascript Error. This is just example from stock construct.


    Expected result:

    Project run without error.

    Browsers affected:

    Chrome: yes

    Firefox: yes

    Internet Explorer: yes

    Operating system & service pack:

    Windows 8

    Construct 2 version:

    R144, Latest CocoonJSv1.4.1. Galaxy S3.

    Going back to R143 solve my problem. So I guess a bug in R144.

  • Should be fixed in r144.2.

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  • Ashley

    Updated to R144.2. Still the same error.

    I need to revert back to R143.

  • Ashley

    Preview via wifi is broken with cocoonJS, but export directly and copy the zip file to the phone is ok.

    Just to update you my finding. But for now I have to revert back to R143 to continue my work. Since I dont have any error with it.

    Hope this is fixed.


  • How are you running the game? Via preview over wifi or exporting to CocoonJS? Are you choosing any other export option?

  • Ashley

    preview via wifi will causes Jquery error for me. I just create empty CocoonJS template project and test it. Even if I test stock Construct 2 example also the same issues.

    If I export to CocoonJS zip file and copy the file to my phone, it is ok.

    I didnt make any changes to the project. Just default settings.

  • Hi Ashley

    When I was looking at the CocoonJS Launcher error log on my Ipad , It mentions line no 1062 in preview_prelude.js

    So when I looked at preview_prelude.js, turn out you were calling JQuery for the toggle breakpoint feature.

    I`m surprised that it seems that I`m the only one having this issue ?

    So I guess for now, at least for my case I just modified your code a bit like this

    // Keyboard shortcuts

    if(window["c2cocoonjs"] === false){

    jQuery(document).keydown(function(info) {

         if (info.which === 121)     // F10 to step/next







    or just remove the jquery thing and use this

    document.onkeydown = function(event){


        event = event || window.event;

        var keycode = event.charCode || event.keyCode;

        if(keycode === 121){





    In cocoonjs launcher preview It will never run the Jquery thing.

    Also preview via wifi , the toggle breakpoint with "F10" wont even work unless I use bluetooth keyboard with the phone/tablet to go next step or just click continue on the screen. I think

    Sorry keep bugging you though about this bug.

  • Ah, I see what you mean now. That code should now be excluded from preview in the next build which should fix it. Am I right it was never a problem after a full export?

  • Ashley

    Yup. Thanks.

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