[r135] Project Window scrolls on object move

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  • Project Window bug

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Have lots of objects and families in objects

    2. Move 1 object to a subfolder in the projects side window

    3. Watch the Projects window scroll to the middle or lower, way far away from the previous spot you were at

    Observed result:

    Projects window scrolls when moving objects

    Expected result:

    Project window should stay at the location where you had the scroll before releasing the mouse.

    Operating system & service pack: Win7x64

    Construct 2 version:r135

  • Please provide a capx.

  • For an issue that's easily reproducible and is IDE related?

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  • Yes, please always provide a .capx. Too many times we can't reproduce the issue from the information provided, often because the problem is more complex than you think, so we just won't look at reports without a .capx.

  • Project Window bug

    Just move a sprite into a folder and watch the project window move.

  • It doesn't do it if the Project bar is scrolled all the way to the top.

    But if you scroll down a bit..

    1. Scroll the project bar down until "Object types" is at the top edge of the window.

    2. drag "Sprite2" into "New folder"

    3. the window does auto scroll to the center.

    since you can't drag more than one at a time, I can see how this could get aggravating.

  • Depending on how many objects you have it doesn't necessarily auto-center to where the prior object was. It tries to,I see that but quite frankly in my bigger project with closed folders and such, it seems to scroll towards the middle of the families. The example isn't that bad, but it does show off the issue.

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