[r134] CustStep and Solid behavior

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  • Link to .capx file (required!):


    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Run Preview

    2. Notice grey boxes over yellow boxes move up

    2. Notice grey boxes on right are not clipping the green tiles.

    3. Push grey box into blue tile

    4. Notice grey box does not want to go into the blue tile

    Observed result:

    Yellow box overlap makes them move up

    Green box overlap makes them move out closest spot

    Blue box overlap doesn't do anything until grey box is pushed into it.

    Expected result:

    Blue box should not interact with grey box.

    Yellow box should act like green box

    Green box should act the same, without the SOLID behavior on it.

    Operating system & service pack: Win7x64

    Construct 2 version:r134


    Tested it a bunch and it seems like the "Push Out of Solid" action takes into account the Behavior "Solid" on objects. This is inconsistent with how it the movement of the custom movement behavior.

    Custom Movement you have to program when and where for it to check for specific families/objects the object itself would consider "Solid" For the most part this works and allows for specific interactions, but this doesn't care for that.

    If I'm using the triggers/actions incorrectly and this is intended, then I suggest some property modifiers for Custom Movement that allows it to ignore every Behavior "Solid" and allows you to select the objects/families it would recognize the Solid behavior from. I need to have an object that doesn't react to certain objects that are solids. (Like a weapon flying over water (which is solid to player and NPCs), but still hitting walls.)

  • The only issue here is the yellow boxes slowly moving. This should be fixed in the next build. They will not act like the green boxes, because the green box has the Solid behavior and the yellow box does not. Also, the blue boxes are working correctly, because the blue box is not in Family1, and it has the solid behavior, therefore it only is tested in the event "bat is overlapping player". As the name suggests, "push out solid" checks only for objects with the Solid behavior.

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  • Ashley

    Okay so it is intended then. Glad the example could highlight another issue though :)


    Well as a suggestion, could there be a way I could tell it to push out of a picked solid? Like if it overlaps Player, to push out of only the player? (Custom Movement property)

    For more wide reaching method, a way to disable the solid behavior towards specific objects? (Solid Property)

    Or even an option to have the Solid behavior only affect objects on the same layer as it (Solid Property)

    <font size="1">This one would be the best.</font>

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