[r133] Custom Movement Stop [Horz/Vert] Step thing

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  • Wanted to followup from my last post on scirra.com/forum/r131-custom-movement-step-issues_topic68141_post419751.html

    Wasn't sure if it was intentional due to no response, but I replied in the closed bug forum so wanted to make sure if it was intended or not.

    Link to .capx file (required!):


    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Hold left, keep holding into the wall

    2. Push up or down

    3. Now stop that

    4. Go to middle of layout

    5. Hold down, keep holding into the wall

    6. Push left or right.

    7. Let go of the down key

    8. Push left or right.

    Observed result:

    Square slides on left wall when left is held down, square sticks on bottom wall when down arrow is held down.

    Expected result:

    Square slides equally on both walls.

    Operating system & service pack: Win7 x64 sp1

    Construct 2 version:r133


    Seems like when it stops the step, it stops the entire movement.

    If the first half of the step is not stopped, it'll still move that half step direction and stop the second half of the step.

    If the first half of the step is stopped, it stops all movement without checking the second half of the step. (which in the CAPX, is the bottom due to the step mode the square has)

  • Hmm... previously it would stop the next axis if you stopped stepping (e.g. if in 'Horizontal then vertical' the horizontal step stopped stepping, it would also skip running vertical stepping). I've changed it to always step both axes now, which seems to fix it. I'm a little worried it might break existing projects, but I'll ship it in the next beta and see if there are any more reports.

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  • Tested it, seems to work consistently. I can finally make it so my project doesn't have 2 custom movements on 1 object. Or code some weird psuedo collision detection like I already did.

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    If someone does have an issue and wants to have it stop on second half, it'd be pretty easy with a boolean or two.


    Converted my project to not approximate solids in movement script, saved 4-5 events per direction and works flawlessly now. Thanks again Ash!

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