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  • My co-worker and I have the same Problem with R132.

    We have to "downgrade" c2 to work. Is there any suggestion why R132 crashes while opening the .caproj-File?

  • Check the r132 release notes; your project probably has an empty family that was affected by the r132 update. Send your .capx to supportzhq@scirra.com and we can recover it.

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  • Are you serious?

    You release an alleged stable version, which doesn't support my old version if I used a part of construct2, which simply doesn't exist anymore.

    Afterwards you want us to mail our intern, sensitive data for you to check it.

    Honestly, if I would do this with my costumers, I would be fired in less than one day.

  • Nimmermehr7 - alternatively you can fix it yourself by editing the project XML data. Rename a .capx to .zip and extract the files to convert it to a folder project, then remove any of the XML tags it complains about. They will be events referring to an empty family.

    We had to do this in order to fix a bug which could crash the editor, but as a side-effect there are a small minority of projects that have events referring to an empty family that need updating. Either you can fix them yourself as described above, or if you are happy to send us your project then we can do it for you. This will only ever need to be once, and then it can never happen again since we fixed the associated bug. The end result is Construct 2 is more reliable, since the new versions are less likely to crash, but unfortunately this workaround is necessary in the transition.

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