[r131] Custom Movement Step Issues

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  • New bug in R131 from bugfix of scirra.com/forum/topic68112.html

    Link to .capx file (required!):


    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Start preview, go left, get stuck in wall

    2. Go back to editor, change step mode to Horizontal then Vertical

    3. Start preview, go left, do not get stuck in wall.

    Observed result:

    The block steps into the wall and then gets stuck.

    This means that it checks for the first axis' step first then the second axis, even if there was no movement in the first axis. This stops movement along the second axis even if there is no on-step trigger for it.

    Expected result:

    The block steps into the wall and does not get stuck no matter the stepping mode.

    Operating system & service pack: Win7 x64

    Construct 2 version:r131

  • I created an example using 2 custom movement behaviors to work consistently with step-checking and only prevents the half-step it triggers on.


    Perhaps the easiest way is to add "Stop Horizontal Step" and "Stop Vertical Step" as actions to stop half of the step while "Stop Step" stops the entire step when it is called.

  • I've changed the next build so the Custom movement does not step an axis if there is zero movement along it. Now your example works the same in both cases.

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  • Thanks for the quick work. Had to use Custom Movement for an object in my game, and since it's essentially stripped down version of the other movements I think I can do a lot with it. Only problem so far was the previous bug and the inconsistency of step prevention.

    I'll report any more if I notice them. More people should use custom movement as it's really flexible if you know how to work it, just requires more event logic.



    If you still move diagonally into a wall, depending on the step mode it'll stop the entire step or half it's step (whichever step was checked first and then Stop Step was used).

    Is this by design?

    If so I'll see what I can do, either using 2 custom movements for the object or add some wall collision detection to the controls.

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