[R124] Reload Files from the disk miss files

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  • Link to .capx file (required!):

    Any Sample file from Construct 2.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open a sample file from scirra C2;

    2.1 Create an animation with 4 frames, paint the entire area with white, for example;

    2.2 Create another animation with 4 frames, fill them with black color;

    2.3 Clone the second animations;

    3. Save the project as folder;

    4. Go to the folder;

    5. While with Construct 2 opened, copy the animations file of the first sprite object to the second object folder, overwrite them;

    6. Copy the animations of the third sprite object to the first object, overwrite them;

    7. Go back to the Construct 2;

    8. Go inside the animation editor on the first object and select the menu to reload from the disk (the bottom window, on the dropdown menu).

    9. It will update the white sprites with the black one;

    10. Go to the second object and watch, it updated all the frames, but the first frame still black;

    Observed result:

    C2 ignored the first frame of all the other animations while reloading the sprites from the disk.

    I'm dealing with 200 sprites on this project, and always need to retouch the animation, resize the entire frame sequences, etc, also, another person is helping with the arts assets, so, we are using the save in folder feature on the maximum.

    But, when it miss to update the first frame of all the other animations, and you updated a lot of animations, it became a problem hard to handle...

    If necessary, I can reproduce it in video to help understand the problem, I'm here to help, just it.

    Also, I observed this with resized sprites, the sprites objects on the canvas, after the first reload, are all with the same size, but when I go inside each one and manually reload from the disk again, to update the first frame, that object will update his size on the canvas.

    Maybe it is related, the first frame still with the the old size to keep on the canvas the original size, after reloaded, it updated the canvas too, maybe one is preventing the other to update.

    Thank you.

    Expected result:

    Not happen the missed frames.

    Operating system & service pack:

    Windows 8 32 bits

    Construct 2 version:


  • 'Reload from disk' only loads the current object's frames from disk, by design. So if I read the report correctly, the fact other objects are not affected is the intended behavior.

    If you want to update many object's textures at once, simply close the project, overwrite the files, then open it again. Construct 2 will then read all the updated files.

  • Ashley,

    After "reloading from the disk", it updated all the sprite objects of the project, but missed to update the first sprite of all the other sprite objects and only updated the first for the currently sprite object edited.

    After watching it happen, I watched inside the canvas and observed the previous size of all the other objects was preserved, so, I believe this was what caused the first frame to miss the resize.

    But, if "Reload from the disk" is designed to happen only for the edited object, so, all the other sprite objects was updated.

    Today I'll try to isolate the problem of all my reports to give you a hand and solve them, thank you.

  • Ashley, sorry for the double post, it was proposital.

    Updated with a Video:


    Also, after closing the project and opening again, it was with the sprites with the original blue box, and not like shown before on the video.

    Here is the CAPX: dl.dropbox.com/u/47035927/temp/first%20frame%20issue.capx

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  • Closing, there is nothing to fix here. The first frame isn't updated because the editor is actively using it (it's displaying it in the editor). So you just hit 'reload from disk' and it reloads the first frame as well. The rest of the frames update because the editor isn't using them, so it loads them for the first time when opening the animation editor.

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