r122/r123 Possible path finding bug.

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  • Link to .capx file (required!):


    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Test 1: Press "1" to make the green square follow the mouse, move it over the opening so it covers the red square and left click to place it.Press the button "Find path to green".

    2. Test 2: Following the same steps as in Test 1, but this time place the green square so it covers about half of the red square in the opening. And press the button "Find path to green"

    Observed result:

    Test 1: it will return "Path not found".

    Test 2: Will move to the green square.

    Expected result:

    Test 1: Expected that the blue square would move to the green square.

    Test 2: Expected that the blue square would move to the green square.

    Browsers affected:

    Chrome: yes

    Firefox: Dont know

    Internet Explorer: yes

    Operating system & service pack:

    Windows 7 with service pack 1

    Construct 2 version:

    r122 beta release. Also tested in r123 beta release which gives same results.

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  • Closing, as this is by design. The Pathfinding behavior will report 'path not found' if you send it in to an enclosed area (as in, an open space surrounded by obstacles). If you tell it to move on top of an obstacle, it will find the nearest open space and move there instead. That's all that is happening here.

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