[r120.2]Some Appmobi Issues

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  • I've tested Appmobi 30+ times yesterday,

    here're some issues I found:

    #About Appmobi(Intel) XDK

    Can't load C2 Phonebrowser projects.

    (While directcanvas projects are load-able.)

    #About Appmobi(Intel) Cloud Compiler

    Can't compile working directcanvas projects.

    (While Phonebrowser projects are working.)

    ?Result: Ignore the blackscreen of XDK and just compile your Phonebrowser C2 projects.

    #About Appmobi Plugins(Official Appmobi Plugin and Tap's Dev Plugin)

    1.Officail Appmobi plugin can't do "barcode scan", "prevent screen auto-rotating"

    2.Tap's Appmobidev plugin can't do "hide status bar"

    ?Result:Use Tap's Dev plugin to do barcode scanning and prevent auto-rotating,

    and use official Appmobi plugin to do hide status bar.

    Though I know here is a place for official C2 bugs,

    but I can't clearly separate AppmobiXDK/C2, AppmobiOfficialPlugin/DevPlugin to describe what I found.

    And I also don't know which is exactly about official C2 or others.

    So plz forgive me.

    Operating system & service pack:


    Construct 2 version:


  • [DirectCanvas]

    Another 30+ times debug agian......

    It seems some previous bugs happened again, like this:


    Here is my DirectCanvas testing result:

    <img src="http://i1220.photobucket.com/albums/dd443/gonzdevour/DC_zps0221a4bd.jpg" border="0">

    ? If using percentage text for loader, DirectCanvas stop in Loading progress 0%.

    ? If using loading bar, it only shows the square frame. There�s no HTML5 logo amd blue bar.

    ? If the loader style is Nothing (without first layout), it shows only Blacksceen.

    ? If you set the first layout for loading:


    1. if the loading layout is empty or has only text object, the screen will show, but still cannot load.

    2. if the loading layout has any sprite object, you�ll get Blackscreen.

    Here is my CAPX, only a sprite on an empty project:


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  • Could you try reporting these issues directly to Intel? It's very difficult for us to debug directCanvas.

  • OK, I'll do it.

    Here it is, hope it works:


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