[r115] Ogg Music not Restarting

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  • I have two ogg music files, two layouts.

    In the start of each layout, I start the music looping.

    I give it a name of "bgmusic". I assign that name to BOTH music files.

    On the end of layout I Stop "bgmusic"

    When I move to another layout the new music never starts. Only the first one plays.

    Tested in latest Chrome.

    CAPX Here (click green square to move to next layout)

    What is wrong with my assumption here? Is this expected? I would figure that when I move to the next layout the music should top the previous and play.

  • The issue seems to be specific to Chrome.

    It works as intended in the latest FF version.

    It may be an issue with some registration on the "end of layout" or with the audio plugin itself.

    The console in chrome doesn't seem to raise error when this happens.

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  • I have no idea what's going on here - looks like some kind of Chrome bug. If I break it in the debugger so it pauses before playing, it plays correctly... but not if I insert 'Wait' actions. Not sure what to do about this.

  • Glad we switched to Webkit based exports :)

    How do you guys debug these things normally? I am interested in your process.

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