(r114)Container: funny duplicate in layers

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  • File: dl.dropbox.com/u/5214903/GM/spiderphobia.capx

    Description: In this example my intention was to make a classic rpg type of movement where when the player is above the object, he will stand behind the object by being moved to bottom in the order and when hes under the object, the object will be set to the bottom order.

    All three sprites are in a family group to apply the ordering to bottom according the Y-axys.

    I want the shadow to be in layer 0 while the player and the green object are in layer 1 so the shadow will allways be in the bottom.

    The player sprite (stickman) is in the shadows container.

    The shadow has a 8direction behavior.


    It doesnt report me an error but..i think it wasnt suposed to do that...

    When the shadow sprite is on layer0 and the stickman sprite in layer1, the gameplay makes a duplicate. This doesnt happens when both sprites are in the same one layer.

    This "bug" happens only when i use the container and the objects in container are separated in different layers.

    Thats considered as a bug, right?

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  • Miu3

    I had the same issue, sprites will be created when sprite pair in a container did not on the same layer.


  • Oops, you're right: container objects are not linked up between layers properly. Should be fixed in the next build. Thanks for the find.

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