[r114] Text Scale Error

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  • Hi together, I think it should be reported inhere, and I haven't found the same issue before.

    There is a problem with the System Layout Scale event, when there is some text positioned in the scaled layout. The problem comes after the code is build and run in the browser.

    Mozilla v15.0.1 gives following error:

    <font color="red">Javascript error!

    NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY: Component returned failure code: 0x8007000e (NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY) [nsIDOMHTMLCanvasElement.width> http://localhost:50000/Text_plugin.js, line 265 (col undefined) This is either a bug in Construct 2 or a problem in a third party plugin or behavior - please report it to the developer! Chrome v24.0 shows just black screen, and under Inspect Element's console are some reported WebGL errors.

    A link to the capx file: CAPX

    Mouse Wheel Up and Down are for zoom in/out. On the 6th zoom in level, the error is present. Tested under WinXP and Win7 - same behavior. I have not used third party plug-in, but just the packaged Text and Mouse objects in an empty layout.


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  • In order for the Text object to render properly it must use an off-screen surface that scales with the layer scale. In this case it exceeds the maximum texture size if you set the layer scale to 64 (6400%), which is pretty extreme. Do you really need to use layers with such an extreme scale? If not I don't think this needs to be fixed.

  • The problem occurs after 6th zoom level, where the Text size is already about 800 px. That's not extremely huge Text, but just like very big letters, which are passing by/through the viewers browser window. If it could be enlarged to swallow at least one or two more scales (Text object size at least greater than 800 px), it would be great!! Actually I did like the Text object scaling together with the first layer, because of its simplicity.

    I've tried to put the Text objects on a second layer and use dependent Font Size scaling connected the the same Mouse wheel event, instead of Text object size scaling. Changing to second layer makes the positioning of more Text fields during scaling a little difficult, because I have explicitly to take care for its. It is actually not the same...


  • Closing since I don't think we need to support zoom levels of 6400%. Try putting your text on a separate layer if you really need this.

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