r114 pretty big bug

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  • Hi Not sure if its just me but the layout in the editor gos black if the mouse hovers over the play button no need fo capx as this happens in a new project before anything is added and also happens when there is what is it?

    Also hovering over any button on the home view and events tabs makes the layout go invisible

    this has never happened before

  • Update your graphic card drivers.

    Also what is your OS ?

  • there up to date im running mac osx 10.7.5

    2.4Ghz i5

    8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

    running construct2 in parallels desktop

    this is the first time this has ever happened.

    its not just making the layout go black also its jumping back and forth to layouts that aren't even open in the editor whenever i hover over different things with the mouse on the ribbons tab sometimes the layout will go invisible and sometimes itl show a different layout

  • Why don't you install Windows 7 or 8 on your mac? there a bootcamp option, C2 uses most new Windows API which doesn't completely support for parallels desktop

  • i like being able to run on both at the same time does it really effect it that much?

  • This has happened to my system, which is a pure Windows 8. My graphics card is up to date. The game works fine, then one layout has the black background, but if I change the font to yellow it shows up as if the background is truly black. The layer is clear, and I try to change the layer color but it didn't make any difference. Then another layout goes black. This appears in the Visual Studio 2012 presentation.

  • it could have something to do with the type of windows theme you use i switched from classic to basic and this stopped happening but ive been using classic all through 108 - 114 and it only just started happening in 114 hasnt happened on 111 112 or 113 didnt download 110 109 maybe this info will help

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  • This sounds like a problem with your VM - maybe try ensuring it's the latest version and the VM's OS is fully patched too. I have not heard of anyone having this issue with the native Windows OS.

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