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  • Sorry to be me here again.

    I?m having serious issues with particles in this release.

    I?ve uploaded a very simple and basic example here.

    Try to preview it.

    If the particles are visible, go back to construct and simply move them to another position (change x and y), and preview it again. Do the same thing sometimes.

    My result is that the particles ar shown ramdonly, I mean, I not able to see the particles in every preview, allthough everything is practically the same in every try.


    EDIT: I forget it, sorry, the system specs:

    • Ati HD 6990 4GB (tested with 12.10 and 12.11 Beta drivers)
    • Windows 8 64bit
    • Last chrome version
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  • I'm not sure what the issue really is here.

    In preview, I see a continuous spray, wherever I place it, every time I launch the preview, as expected/intended.

    In editor though, it was strange because I was seeing a big rectangle (256X256) but only a 4X4 zone would allow me to select the particle and move it.

    To change that, I resized the texture in the animation editor to 4X4 and then I only see a small square which allow me easily to select/move it around.

    That was unexpected but it's only a "small issue" in the editor, not in preview.

    In preview whatever the size of the texture is, it works the same and as parametrized.

  • Thanks Kyatric for your answer.

    Yes, I detected the editor issue too, but I was not worried about that.

    I�m testing it now on another computer width Windows7 64bit, and (incredible xD) Intel HD graphic and Chrome, and everything seems to work correct here too.

    A problem generated by my home computer? a temporal stupid computer problme? I will try again at home along this week and see if it works as expected or not.

    I did the capx example file because I was having that issue in my big project, so I was worried to see the same effect in a new simple basic file, but it seems it�s something related to yesterday or at least, my computer.

    I�ll post the result once I checked again.


  • Closing as can't reproduce, everything seems to work fine here. It might be an issue with your computer.

  • I am experiencing this too, in my project particles will either show or not, very strange.

  • I am experiencing this too, in my project particles will either show or not, very strange.

    Today, I?ve been making some test around this and other problem I?m suffering since some time ago. I was tired of not seeing the particles (sometimes yes, sometimes no, but mostly not) in my projects and seeing them when I open the capx in another computer.

    I?ve fixed it, or at least, that?s what it seems for now (I gotta make some more tests).

    In my case, the problem was that I was using an AMD (ati) beta drivers, exactly the 12.11. I?ve reinstalled the last stable version of graphical drivers (12.10) and I started to see the particles.

    And that why they call them "beta" xD. What graphic card do you have Crudemik and which drivers are you using?

  • Nvidia and the latest ones from the site non-beta

  • UPDATE: After some more test, it seems it�s not related to the driver. The problem has appeared again. One thing I�m testing is that it only affects to Chrome, if I preview the project on Firefox particles seem to show everytime.

    Google Chrome: Versi�n 25.0.1349.2 dev-m

    Firefox: 11 (the updates are downloading, too much time wihout opening it, jeje).

  • Hey there again, sorry to be here once more but, I�ve fixed this particule related issue, and as I see there are more people with this (or similar problem), I�d like to explain what was my problem.

    Finally, is not nothing related to graphic driver or construct, it was related to the browser, Google Chrome.

    After checking what version I have, I realised that I have a version with the "dev-m" extension, wich I don�t know what is, but I suppose is related to a developer version or something like that.

    I�ve unninstalled that version (Versi�n 25.0.1349.2 dev-m), gone to chrome�s webpage and downloaded the lastest version, and now, I�ve 23.0.1271.95 m (not dev-m, only m), in wich everything seems to works as supossed to for now.

    My girlfriend installed Chrome on her user (but oriented for everyuser on the computer) some weeks ago, and wow, it seems like she�s got a secret developer life, jaja.

    Sorry for this topic, it wasn�t related directly to construc and it�s last release.

    Thanks for everything.

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