[r109] Recursion bug

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  • Hi,

    I've been playing around with recursion to test the new function feature.

    Building a simple factorial function works fine

    +Function: On "factorial"
        + Function: parameter 0 > 1
            -> return Function.Param(0)*Function.Call("factorial",Function.Param(0)-1)
        + Else
            -> return 1[/code:2kjajkjt]
    But then I wanted to test a recursive backtrack for generating a 2D maze.
    And there's a js bug.
    So here's the capx (it's the dig() function)
    Also, when you change global/local variable names, the parameters in the function call don't get updated, I ended up with a crash and an invalid capx at some point.
    Also, parameter 0 > 1  feels weird somehow, maybe parameter[0] or parameter(0) would be betterYann2012-11-09 19:41:38
  • I think this is fixed in the next build (same issue as other thread). I also fixed the fact local non-static variables would share their values across all levels of recursion, like global variables - from the next build now their values also work independently in each call.

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  • cool thanks (:

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