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  • I tried to upload my game to the Scirra Arcade, but couldn't minify it with r107. The minify option was greyed out and unresponsive. I tested an old version of the game and attempted to minify that version; no luck. I opened that same old version in r103.2 and had no problem clicking the minify option there. I updated Java again, and afterwards restarted my computer. Same deal.

    So I uninstalled C2 (both versions), and deleted the folders that were left behind (thus accidentally deleting my license file.....). Blah.

    Java updated, drivers updated, win7 64 home premium updated. No external plugins were used/installed.

  • Closing as not a bug: the minify option has no effect when exporting for the Arcade, because if you look at the exported files it does not actually export any javascript, only JSON data, so there is nothing to minify. Instead the Arcade server minifies when you submit. Rather than leave an option you can enable and disable that does nothing, recently I changed it to be disabled since it does nothing.

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  • Oh, I'm sorry. Thanks Ashley.

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