R107 Moving Folders in project tree Crashes

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  • Seems to be a Permanent Bug in any new Project or old one...

    When using Release 107(32bit Checked)on Windows XP

    Computer is fine..is my permanent Super Workstation PC

    with a standard license

    Dragging/Moving Folders in project tree causes Persistent Crashes in the Construct 2 Editor..

    Has nothing to do with game run state only the Editor...

    Upon creating a Folder in the Project tree all is fine

    Moving the folder or any other folder around..by dragging and dropping I get a permanent Editor crash.

    ..have checked it again and again...same thing over and over

    Every time you move a folder by dragging or dropping...Construct 2 crashes...

    Doesnt happen when you create a folder..only when you move it

    otherwise ..no other issues noted...

  • This happens with me too.

  • mmm can other people check this ....Just create a folder or two or three in the project tree then try to move them around or place them in other folders....if you get the same issue with construct 2 crashing...please add your comments here and Bump!!

  • I can only reproduce this with layout folders. It should be fixed in the next build though.

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  • Yes appears to be fixed completely...Testing thoroughly, and will get back to you...Thankyou so much Ashley..!...R108 seems to have fixed this...

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