[R106 free] 'AddTo' function w/ variables Problem

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         1. Add Event to compare a global variable to a constant variable (this part works fine)

         2. Add action to increment value of a globel value

    PROBLEM: In the 'Parameters for System: Add To' screen and other options to change value of variable, the interface puts the selected variable in the VALUE field and not the Variable field. Actually, the Variable field cannot be selected or enabled to select a value.


         Windows XP SP3

         Browser: N/A


         Beta Release r106 (free edition)

    Link to capx file

    Hopefully this is clear.

    See Images below for demonstration:

    Image 1

    Image 2


    I have determined the problem has to do with using CONSTANTS.

    If you toggle the CONSTANT variable to not being a constant(C_LIMIT_BULLET_RELOAD in my example), the drop down populates as it should and it works.

    If you then set it back to being a constant, the drop down for choosing the variable doesn't populate and freezes.

  • The only bug here is the 'Value' dropdown does not fill out correctly; this is fixed for the next build. What you describe with the expressions panel adding in to the value field is by design (these are expressions, and expressions cannot be entered in to a dropdown).

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  • Thanks Ashley!

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