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  • NOT sure if this is a bug, but I think it's very annoying.


    1) Create an empty project.

    2) Create a Sprite object.

    3) On the Image and Animations editor window, create a folder with any name (e.g. "Folder1").

    4) Add an animation named "X" on that folder.

    5) Add another folder to the root with another name (e.g. "Folder2").

    6) Add to the second folder an animation with the same names as the previous one.

    Expected: both animations should be added successfully and would be referenced in the event sheet as "Folder1/X" or "Folder2/X".

    Obtained: an error message saying I could't have 2 animations with the same name at all.

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  • This is currently by design. Animations are really just a flat list and the folders are just in the editor for organisation. I'm afraid we don't have any plans to change this - changing how animations in folders are referenced would break a huge number of existing projects.

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