[r104] Can't upload sounds

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  • I get the following message:

    Failed to convert to OGG. Need Windows 7+ to convert to AAC

    I work with WinXP and till now had no problems uploading sounds (.Wav) to my projects.

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  • This message will have always appeared when you're using Windows XP. It is by design and everyone who uses Windows XP or Vista will always see it. Are you sure you've never seen it before...?

  • I did see a warning ever since my first C2 encounter but it did produced the OGG file/s and everything was OK.

    After installing the 104 version the warning became an error which doesn't convert the ogg. I need to upload an OGG instead.

    Nothing has changed on my PC beside the move to the new version.

  • Oh, I missed the bit about the OGG failing, I was looking at the part about AAC. Does reinstalling help?

  • No idea :)

    Since I'm working at the moment, I'm simply converting to OGG with an outside program and upload these with no issues.

    I'm almost sure it won't help. I'm sure it's something to do with some XP/Win7 flag which was added in Ver.104.

    It's not a big issue and I wonder if I'm the only one on the planet using XP.

    Btw, is there any chance to see something like "Preload all sounds"?

    This will save time to developer and most important - height of projects. If you're using 30 sounds, uploading a new one, removing the previous one from the preload line, and folding this long list of preload commands is very tedious task.

    The "preload all sounds" will check which sounds are used in the project and preload them all.

  • We have not changed any of the code around importing audio for a few months now. So this is very strange. Are you sure you haven't changed some configuration option on your PC?

    Perhaps if you try to run the Ogg encoder tool directly (from a command line) - does it work or does it report an error there?

  • Maybe there is more than one error going on?

    Have you tried other sounds? (wavs) I get an error all the time where it couldn't make the OGG, and it's just an oddly formatted wav. If I load the wav into Audacity, (free here: audacity.sourceforge.net/) And save it right back out, Construct will convert it fine. Audacity can also makes OGG and M4A, which you probably know. ;-)

    I am using win7, r104

  • Ever since my first experience with C2 I always got a warning. I kept pressing OK and the WAV was imported into C2 + an OGG file was waiting there.

    I haven't change a thing in my environment.

    Starting from r104 I started to get the message I posted at the top. With this new version I simply can't import WAV files.

    It's not a big deal cause I can export OGG files from another program.

    Since I'm in the middle of projects, I'll wait for r105. This will serve as a test since during the installation it will remove r104.

    My guess is that something has expired in the WAV->OGG conversion. Just a guess.

  • Did you try reinstalling? How about running the Ogg encoder commandline tool direct from the command line? (In <install directory>\tools\audio\oggenc2.exe)

    Are you sure your .WAV is in a sensible format the Ogg encoder can actually read? Did you try converting to a 16-bit PCM WAV first?

  • I did what I always did - import the WAV files into C2. In the past I got a warning + got the files converted to OGG. Now I can't.

    Nothing has changed beside the C2.

    I'm installing the new BETA so it will uninstall the 104 and replace it with 105. I'll update here with new input.

  • I think this might be an issue with digital signatures. I've made a change for the next build that hopefully will fix this. Let me know when r106 is out how it goes.

  • I have r106.

    I get the same error: Failed to convert to OGG. Need Windows 7+ to convert to ACC.

    Same as r104.

  • i have same problem with HotGod in r105 and r106.

    Using Windows 8 RTM (Enterprise Evaluation)

    For details, see my thread

  • If you are having trouble importing non OGG this has worked for me in the past... My main Dev box is XP too >.>

    VideoLAN (VLC) freeware, will allow you to convert MP3, WAV, etc to OGG if you are running Windows XP. This is an easy work around and is almost instant. There are youtube videos on how to do this.

  • Problem solved!

    Here's the Solution:

    • Download this:http://www.rarewares.org/files/ogg/oggenc2.87-1.3.3-generic.zip
    • Replace the oggenc2.exe file on <C2 Directory>/tools/audio.

    This solved this issue. I guess future releases will contain the right EXE file.

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