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  • Even with the origin set to 0,0, objects are not the same in the designer as they are in the browser. I have not seen this problem with R99 or earlier, I believe its a bug in R103. The result is I can get it to look ok in FF, or ok in IE, but not both which is a bit of a show stopper.

    See the following two screen shots:

    1: This is the layout in C2. I move the objects (e.g. "WON: ?100" too low to make them look ok in FF)

    <img src="http://www.ohds.co.uk/c2/wonPosC2.PNG" border="0" />

    2) Now you can see in FF, its moved the text up a bit:

    <img src="http://www.ohds.co.uk/c2/wonPosFF.PNG" border="0" />

    3) But now I check IE, and its the same as C2, So is too low:

    <img src="http://www.ohds.co.uk/c2/wonPosIE.PNG" border="0" />

  • From the text manual entry:

    b]Text rendering

    Different browsers render text in different ways, and Construct 2's layout view also renders text differently to other browsers. This means you should expect the appearance of the Text object to vary slightly across browsers.

    You should test your game in a range of browsers to ensure text objects display how you intend for all users. For more information see Best practices.

    Unfortunately it's just a side effect of having lots of different text renderers in different browsers. There are some vertical align tools coming for the text object in the next release - that might help.

  • The text looks the same, its the position which is about 7 pixels too low in FF. The same project with the same layout looks fine in all browsers in R99. I have not seen this effect till 103.

    Ill create a capx.

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  • This problem has been reported before r99. It's just down to different rendering depending on the browser. There's not much we can do about it, and it's not even specific to Construct 2 (any HTML5 engine will have to deal with this) so I think I'll have to close this report for now.

  • Unfortunately, if it cant be fixed, I still need to find a solution or workaround - the game looks terrible in FF which is one of the most common browsers - its in the show stopper category.

    What is a good workaround strategy? -

    1) to do it in the game (e.g. use the user-agent string to try and detect FF like browsers, then subtract 6 from the Y coordinate of all text items? Its a shame text items cant be put in a family for this.

    2) to do something in CSS/HTML?

    Is no-one else using text and Firefox?


  • 1) You can put text objects in families.

    The family needs to contain only text object types though.

    As a workaround you might also make the "win" score a series of sprites, each frame being a number and displaying the correct frame according to the current win score.

  • You can use SpriteFont as a workaround. Or the vertical align in the next build might help.

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