[R103.2] rotating mobile by 180 degress kills C2

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  • I've had this problem for some time, so decided to create a 2 event capx to demonstrate it as the game has failed the customers QA so im not getting paid :(

    If you go from landscape to portrait and back, it correctly flips between the landscape screen and the portrait layout.

    But if you are in landscape mode, and rotate the mobile (iphone 4) by 180 degrees, the screen goes black. As a secondary problem, in my actual game, it will not accept any input or events at this point either.

    Here is the live exported project:


    It doesn't work in iphone 4 (ios 5) nor ipad 3, the only two platforms I have to target.

    Here is the capx:


    Note: there is a slight modification to the index.html to support iphone4 removing the addrss bar. But this code is not run for the ipad, so I dont think its that (and if it was, I would still need to find a solution as removing the address bar is an absolute requirement for any casino type game on the iphone, unfortunately).

    Please note:

    1) using phonegap or similar is not an option, these games have to run in HTML5 in a mobile browser.

    2) I have to use crop mode to support various screen sizes without black bars.

    In addition, on the iphone3, sometimes this black screen of death happens when you just go from portrait to landscape, or even from landscape to portrait, then it often stays black (i.e. going back to portrait still shows the broken black screen). Interestingly, this exactly what happens sometimes in my real game. So it seems to be an issue where if the phone is slow, or the app is complex and slow, the switch between portrait and landscape layouts fails frequently but not always.

    Thanks for any help, it is much appreciated.

  • Thanks for the repro - found an issue which only affected exported projects when rotating through 180 degrees (it did not seem to affect previewing on LAN). I'm pretty sure it's a Safari bug but I implemented a workaround. Hopefully this is fixed in the next build.

  • Ashley, you are fast!

    Will this also fix the similar issue with going from portrait to landscape on the slower iphone 3?


  • nutmix - possibly, I'm afraid I don't have an iPhone 3 to test on. But if it's the same issue (but just worse on that device), then hopefully it's fixed as well. Let me know your results when r105 is out.

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  • R105 fixes this issue on iphone 4 and iphone 3 and ipad

    Also, the removal of address bar works.


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