[R103,.2] Cant edit action of Text Family

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  • To reproduce:

    1) create a family with just a few text items in.

    2) assign the bullet behaviour to family (speed = 0)

    3) on some event, add action

    4) Select text family.

    5) Double click "set angle of motion"

    6) now the "objects with expressions" popup appears.

    However, there is no other window present where you can just type in "0".

    I.e. you have to select an object, e.g. "system". Then you can only pick say a global variable.

    So as a work around, I had to create a global variable called ZERO and another called ONEEIGHTY etc for all the angles I needed in the game.

    However, this workaround doesnt work if there are two values, e.g. Move X pixels at angle Y, as it only pops up one "object with expressions" popup, which puts the global var in the angle, and hard codes the number of pixels to move at 1.

    I was assuming that there was another window hiding somewhere, but when I do the Aero walk thing (windows-tab) or alt-tab, I cant find any other windows.

    Any ideas?

  • OK, I have the same issue with normal families.

    I expect its an issue with the dialogue being out of the window range.

    At home, I use 2x30" external minitors, in the office, I have the laptops built in panel + a small external monitors.

    I am guessing that C2 is displaying the window outside the monitors display area.

    My work around is to save the project as multiple files, and hand edit the event sheets.

  • Preferences -> Reset dialogs will restore your windows.

  • Hey, that worked!

    Ramones +1000 Kudos!

    Ashley, don't know if its possible for you to add a check that the dialogs are on screen/visible?

  • So you have gone from a system with very large screens to one with smaller screens and the dialogs are appearing offscreen?

    This has been reported a few times actually - I'll see if I can do something about it.

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  • yes, I go form 2x2560x1600 monitors at home to 2x 1280x800 in the company office (they are tight).

    The workaround works a treat, but requires a restart of c2.

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