R102 regression with DragDrop in Windows 8

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  • When a project has an object with DragDrop behavior set, the Mouse object's behaviors like On Any Click, On Left Clicked on <Object>, etc,. stopped working in r102 with IE and Windows 8 apps. Please note that this works just fine in r101.

    (Took me a while in my large project to isolate this. My complete project became unusable because I had used DragDrop behavior on one object in an unrelated layout).

    I have a very simple project illustrating the issue.

    This looks like a major regression. Please let me know if you need more information.

  • "Please note exporting to Windows 8 now requires RTM, so will no longer work on the Release Preview or earlier."

    That is written in the release notes for r102, and might be a big part of your problem.

    Sorry if this isn't helpful.

  • Ah, you're right, the Drag & Drop behavior blocked mouse events on Windows 8. Should be fixed in the next build.

  • teahousemoon: I am on RTM indeed :)

    Ashley: Thanks for acknowledging.

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  • Whoops <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Should be working properly in r103, can you confirm?

  • There are still some issues. Here are my observations:

    1. The mouse events are now unblocked and DragDrop works with both Mouse and Touch.

    2. But now touch events stopped working. You should be able to observe this with the VS2012 simulator(or touch hardware). If you use the Mouse Mode(in simulator), then clicks are registered. But when you switch to Basic Touch Mode(in simulator), clicks are not registered. With r101, mouse and touch both work.

    3. Great to see that multi-touch is working now with DragDrop objects.

    Edit: Here is a tiny project illustrating the bug.

  • Ashley: Can you please confirm the above issue?

  • iunkn - your .capx seems to expect that touching 'g2' will fire a mouse event. This is not intended to happen - touch events never fire mouse events, although mouse events can fire touch events when 'Use mouse input' is 'Yes' in the Touch object. On the other hand, the Drag and Drop behavior automatically uses both mouse or touch input. So your .capx appears to be working correctly.

    Is there a separate issue or does this explain it?

  • Ashley - That explains it.

    So in order to detect an object clicked/tapped (mouse or touch) - is it okay to always use "On touched <object>" event rather than using "On Left button clicked on <object>" (with Use mouse input set to Yes)? Or is it advisable to do an OR for above two events?

    Thank you.

  • iunkn - it's recommended to use the Touch object with 'use mouse input' set to 'yes'. If you don't need middle, right or double clicks, you can skip the Mouse object entirely.

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