[r101/102] Transparent obj Spritesheet problem

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  • When a sprite with a transparent background ends up right up against a sprite that is filled up to the shared boundary on the spritesheet there sometimes ends up being an artifact on the sprite with the transparent background. This does not show up on all browsers, but is clearly visible in these images.

    It's hard to create a simple case. The problem has shown up in multiple games we are working on. Since they are a client's games I can't post a link to the games on the forum, but I can PM a link if that will help.

    The workaround is to insert transparent frames on the side of the sprite that is showing the artifact, but that isn't always practical.

    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/57899112/sr_artifact_bug.PNG" border="0" />

    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/57899112/mp1_triangleproblem.PNG" border="0" />

  • Specifically which browsers does this happen on and not happen on?

    Do you have a minimal test project that demonstrates the issue?

    Construct 2's spritesheet exporter takes care to pad all images on the spritesheet with an extra 1px transparent border, which is never actually drawn, specifically to prevent images bleeding in to each other. So I'm not sure your spritesheet theory is correct, it might be something else.

  • The artifacts showed up in chrome, firefox, IE9. They did not show up in Safari or Appmobi. The problem was solved in the various games by inserting blank frames around the problem frame which lead us to believe it is a bleedover problem.

    As I mentioned, I can't come up with a simple case. If we can put this on hold for a few days, I'll try to reduce one of the games down to a minimum and send it to you.

    Meantime, I don't see the problem showing up in 103, so perhaps it resolved itself with your other changes/fixes.

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  • Closing for now, please share a repro if you can make one!

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