[R101] Can't run layout through IDE button or F5

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  • Hi all

    I've noticed that, very randomly, I'll lose the ability to run my project by either pressing F5 or clicking the big "Run Layout" button in the top ribbon. Strangely I can still run the project by right clicking on the root node in the solution explorer and run from there:

    Sample Screenshot

    Closing C2 down does not seem to help, nor does selecting a different run browser in the settings.

    Computer is:

    Windows 7, 64bit

    Construct 2 version: Release 101, 64 bit

    Last browser used before setting broke: Chrome 21

  • Extract from how to report bugs

    lease only test the latest version of Construct 2

    Often bugs are reported which have already been fixed. Please make sure the problem occurs on the latest release.

    Also are you sure that the F5 key doesn't work for sure ?

    I mean, it happens sometimes that the browser doesn't get the focus and stays under C2, but in the tab where my game is executed, the game is actually "updated".

    It can happen if the tab where you first previewed your game wasn't closed.

  • boolean - your screenshot shows no layouts open, only two event sheet tabs. If no layouts are open, the 'run layout' buttons are disabled by design, because Construct 2 does not know which layout it should run. Does that explain the problem?

  • Kyatric: Neither F5 or the large button (it is greyed out). None of the chrome tabs had any pre-existing sessions running, so no chance of a window out of focus.

    Ashley: No layouts open when I took the screenshot, but I did try it with some open (when I was fiddling with the layout properties to change the default browser). As mentioned though right clicking on the solution explorer and clicking run worked fine. I also did a test with one of the example projects from C2 where I closed all the layouts and hit F5 (and the big button) and it worked fine.

    Previous to this problem I managed to get an error in the preview mode in Chrome. Is it possible that the session C2 is watching is not closing properly, causing C2 to lose track of where to run the preview? I guess in that case closing and opening C2 should fix that...

  • If you have ever opened a layout view, C2 remembers that and will preview it. The buttons are intentionally disabled until you open at least one layout view, then they should always be enabled until you close the project. That really sounds like the issue to me, are you sure it's not doing that?

  • It could be. Maybe when the preview crashed, it lost whatever was being saved as the last opened layout? The strange thing was both times it happened, nothing specific seemed to fix it, I was just fiddling about in the events and suddenly it started working again. That's what made me think something was timing out in the background.

    If nobody has reported anything like this before, I'll just keep an eye on it for now and see if I can spot what caused it. If it happens again I'll try keeping a layout open, close C2, then open it again.

    Thanks Ashley.

  • So the problem popped up again today, and Ashely you were exactly right. Opening the layout made the button become available. Once the layout had been opened I could close it, close C2, open C2 back up (with no layout open) and the button would still be there.

    Sorry about the bad bug report <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • No worries, glad everything is working properly!

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