[r100]: small bug, negative values for shaders

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  • Ashley : I saw that when doing a mistake. When you enter a value for one of the shader effects (for example Gamma), if you enter a negative number when it doesn't mean anything (for example a negative gamma), the behavior of the IDE is becoming strange (from whitening all the project, to crashing). I think a simple abs(Effect_value) should do the trick to avoid the bug.

  • This is deliberately allowed because for many effects parameters outside the intended range can actually have interesting or unusual results, which you may want to take advantage of for creative purposes.

    So it may look graphically weird, but it should never crash. Can you reproduce any of the crashes? Sometimes they may also be driver bugs, have you tried updating your driver?

  • Okay, I understand the desired outcome. (Although a negative gamma still doesn't mean a lot <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />). Anyway, I think the crashed is related to the fact I was trying that inside VirtualBox (it's not working properly inside it, anyway...)

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  • VMs either have no GPU support at all, or AFAIK their GPU support is pretty buggy, like having really bad drivers. So I would assume it's that, unless you can get any crashes on a non-virtual OS... and even then, I would still say it's a driver bug :P

    It's a real shame how cool GPU technology is, but how crappy drivers and support make it hard for everyone to use it. Anyway, I'm going to close this report for now.

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