R100: Problemes Urgent

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  • Hi Ashely,

    First of all, Thanks for the Efforts and the Update

    Mais as I've opened the files With r100 and it doesn't work well, now I can't go back to r95 any more...

    And then, here is some other problemes:

    The "pick all" condition doesn't take instances that created during the runtime.

    system WindowsWidth variable doesn't work stablly: which means: sometimes, it is the number preset, sometimes it is the real windows width of brower.

    Kind regard,

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  • Finally find the solustion:

    scirra.com/forum/save-project-for-older-version_topic54351.html <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    To go back to an old version, we can open the projet files in a text editor, then change this part:


    to the version that you want,like this:


    seems it doesn't work in certain situation.

    But it works with me

  • Please see how to report bugs - can you share a minimal .capx file that shows something working differently in r95 and r100?

    Although a lot of code changed in r100, neither of the things you mentioned had any code changed, so it would be strange if issues were introduced with them.

    Did you not see the warning about backing up your projects before using r100? :-\ You should not generally back-port projects like that, because there have been non-backwards-compatible changes recently. Besides, if the version is 9900, doesn't that mean you can still open it in r99?

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