[R100] crop mode not working on FF, works on IE

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  • I created a 1 event project with a screen size and frame size of 640x960, put a centered text item in the middle, and wrote the screen size to it using:

    System Every Tick -> Text Set text to "Screen size:"&WindowWidth&"x"&WindowHEight.

    In IE 9, the font & scale of the resultant output text does not change, and if you resize the browser many times, then hit refresh, the text stays in the same place - i.e. it works perfectly

    Now do the same with FF 14.0.1. The text grows and shrinks (it should not scale in crop mode), and becomes pixilated and unreadable.   After some changing of size, you hit refresh, the text Jumps to the center and changes font & scaling, but is still broken and pixilated.

    capx here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0vfx5eefz0c4wbi/screen_size.capx

    chrome is just as bad. It scales the text horribly when it should not scale it at all. When you refresh, it puts the text back roughly to the right size, but its still broken up and pixlated (not a proper render of the font, with the "S" from Screen size having a gap in the middle.

    Is this a bug in R100, or are all versions like this?

    For 2 weeks I have been trying to find a way of getting construt 2 to work on varied mobile screen sizes without the letterbox black bars. I was hoping to use crop mode and do the scaling manually, but if the text wont render in a readable manner then I cant think of any more options :(

  • I just did the same test with a static peice of text, and disabled the event (So its a project with one static text box and nothing else)

    Check this screen shot and note the horror:


    FF and Chrome still render the text incorrectly if you put the URL into a fresh browser (i.e. no resizing), and do horrible things to it when you resize (which I could probably live with, as on mobile you dont resize, only change landscape).

    On chrome, if you make the browser much bigger than the window size, you lose the middle bar of the "E" in the static text "test TEXT"

    FF is worse - even if you make the browser smaller than the projects screen/layout size, it still shrinks and screws up the text and its unreadable, even after refreshing.

    i have a 30" monitor, so I can make the browser windows much bigger than 960 high in this case).

    If possible, PLEASE let me know if this is only in R100, or if this is a feature of all of C2.

  • I have tested a one image capx on R95 on another computer, and can confirm its R100 which breaks crop mode completely.

    I abandoned my projects, and started from scratch again in R95 (Stupidly I didnt save in R95 when I upgraded).   The problem is that many people post capx examples in R99 or R100, and to run these, I have to uninstall R95, install R100, run it, then unistall R100, and reinstall R95. Each time I do this I ahve to put back the HTML template changes to get mobile phone browsers to work.

    Please someone acknowlege this bug, or if I can provide more examples please let me know.

  • Yeah the text is messed up in r100. It's fine in r99. By the way you can install multiple releases side by side (in different folders obviously). Just decline when it asks you if you want to uninstall the older version. At the moment I have r95, r99 and r100 installed.

  • By the way you can install multiple releases side by side (in different folders obviously).

    Thats great advice - going forward Ill do this. Dont understand why they advise to uninstall old version.

    Do you make launch icons for each version?

    How do you avoid accidentally saving over a R95 project with say R100, and "losing" it?

  • I cannot reproduce this problem on either Chrome or Firefox. It always looks fine. Are you sure your graphics drivers are up to date?

    I suspect it's to do with the text rendering change in the WebGL renderer - does turning WebGL off in project properties affect it?

  • Sorry Ashley, I've uninstalled R100. R99 works perfectly, R100 doesnt for some reason. I have the latest available drivers installed from Lenovo (got a W520).

  • OK, reinstalled R100 in a different place, and I can confirm it seeems to work with webGL switched off. However, it works fine in R99 with webGL switched on.

    We probably cant expect our customers to have the latest drivers, unfortunately.

  • I tweaked the text rendering in the next build. Let me know if it's any better when it's out.

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  • Hi Ashley, its not just the text, it scales image sprites too. In the capx I posted, one of the layouts just has a backgroung image. As you change the browser window size, the image scales up/down and jumps around to the wrong place. In crop mode, it should not scale at all, and should stay centered. IE is perfect but FF and Chrome are disastrous.

    I'm guessing it's not a text specific problem, it seems to be scaling in crop mode which is the problem?

    My graphics card is a Quadro 2000M which is adobe and autocad certified, rather than a more common consumer/game oriented card.

    Thanks for taking the time to look at it anyway. If there are any more tests I can run let me know. I use crop mode exclusivly.

  • nutmix, your .capx appears to only include text. Can you share another .capx with images that demonstrates the problem?

  • I had the same thing. Text and images (sometimes) were being scaled in crop mode. It's all good in r101 though.

  • Closing as should be working in r101.

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