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    Every time I SET TEXT on my game, if I'm running my game on CocoonJs (iPhone or Android devices), I get some drawbacks... the game freezes a little bit, so its performance is imparied.

    My code is like:

    Every 1 second > set text SCORE

    (where SCORE is a variable)

    This bug is on mobile device, when I use CocoonJS.

    When I test on my PC, I don't get this drawback.

    I'm using the latest stable version of Construct2.

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  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines. Also note CocoonJS Canvas+ is no longer supported, only Webview+ is, but you didn't specify which you are using. Further, note this section from Performance Tips:

    [quote:2dnrvbzp]Changing Text objects every tick

    Change the size or text of a Text object every tick - even just for an animation or transition - will likely produce poor performance, especially on mobile devices. The problem is even worse if the text object is large. Text rendering is very fast as long as the object is not changing, but upon changing the object must do a relatively expensive redraw of the text and replacement of the cached texture. Try to use small Text objects that do not change regularly. If you must change text regularly, consider using a Sprite Font instead, which is fast even when it changes every tick.

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