"front-to-back" bug r207

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  • Problem Description

    At the start of any layout on any project, smeared all sprites on the screen and have a mirror copy.

    This is true only for all the sprites that were in the area of the viewport at the start and moving objects, including parallax layers.

    The problem in the IOS (Ejecta). I have not tested on Intel XDK so like Cordova does not work correctly with the sound on the IOS.

    Intel XDK is not suitable for a full-fledged export on IOS.

    Watch the video:


    Attach a Capx

    All Project

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: (NO)
    • FireFox: (NO)
    • Internet Explorer: (I do not know)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    x64, Windows 7, 2 SP (IOS 8,3)

    Construct 2 Version ID

    r207 x64

  • Oh wow that's trippy.

  • Ejecta support was deprecated a long time ago, and we have not been maintaining Ejecta since then, so closing as won't fix.

  • Ejecta support was deprecated a long time ago, and we have not been maintaining Ejecta since then, so closing as won't fix.

    Ashley, ok

    Is there a way to get the unmistakable sound playing at cordova under IOS? It is not possible. This means that you should not write about support for IOS, so as the current support intel XDK poor.

    You could conduct more tests. I'm sure that the problem is not only in Ejecta.

    Thank you

  • ilimi - we're not aware of any issues with exporting to iOS via Cordova. Please file bug reports following all the guidelines if you have any issues with them.

  • Ashley,

    1. Create a project

    2. Add to sound and music

    3. Export to Cordova

    4. Compile the project in intel XDK or Cordova or CocoonJS Webwiew (+) for IOS

    Cordova (based on which all mechanisms intel XDK) on the IOS system does not work properly. Music does not play until you was tap on the screen.

    In a complex project, it creates a huge problem (no music plays at the right time).

    Also not working "trigger", designed to disable the volume on the iPhone and iPad.

    Performance Cordova lower than Ejecta or CocoonJS Webview +

    Directly on the Intel XDK there are also problems with the orientation of the screen and hiding the status bar. This is achieved by using third-party modules and crutches.

    It all problems associated with Cordova on IOS.

    For Android it works wonderfully.

    I think, you have forgotten that the most profitable mobile market is the App Store.

    *Memory management in the Ejecta better than in Cordova.

    Need more reasons?

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  • ilimi - please file a new bug report following all the guidelines, this report is already closed and is for a different issue. You also still did not include a .capx as per the requirements.

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