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  • It seems that a lot of bugs are moved here that aren't actually resolved, which contradicts the description of this sub-forum: "Bugs will be moved here once resolved. "

    (more written on that here too: )

    Can there be a new sub-forum in the Bugs section for moving the unresolved but "On-Hold" bugs to? This is for ones like:

    damainman 's bug with preview crashing in Chrome, IE, and NodeWebkit (but export works fine)

    GSDH 's bug where leaving a NodeWebkit game export running too long crashes (others have noticed this too)

    And the many other bugs where the issues are still happening, but it may not be fixable yet or not fixable from Scirra's end.

    I ask this as it would make searching for known issues better, and because these issues still matter. It makes establishing a contact with the third party exporter developers easier and centralizes the discussions of those issues rather than the endless reposts of bugs that require the third party exporter support to fix.

  • The first issue did not provide sufficient information for us to be able to investigate the problem, and the second is a node-webkit issue, not a Construct 2 bug. "On hold" bugs are simply left in the Bugs forum.

  • Ashley Ah okay, so in the case of bug reports similar to the first one (which seems to be summed as: the bug is not specific to one platform, and only occurs in preview but not export, and is a recent issue since r174), is it better instead then for people to keep submitting a new bug report each time some more information is requested?

    I notice that he had offered in his reply comment to provide the capx directly and I realized/felt that it would seem logical to keep the discussions in one topic per issue/bug rather than start a new one each time.

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  • Completed projects are not even useful for bug reports. As per our guidelines they should just be a minimal project from scratch. Just post a whole new issue including all relevant information and following all the guidelines.

  • Ashley if you're referring to my project as being finished it's not. Although we've managed to work around the latest issue by using 2 pcs - one with 173 to work/preview and one with windows 8 and r176 to compile and test. And as I state I can't upload something that's copyrighted without sending you a form to sign. The way you handled my bug report was piss poor, it's not so open and shut because I can't upload copyrighted material

    I have no issue with giving you a call to discuss how to resolve our bug as well. Just give me a time.

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