project is not working like it it should in r58

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  • No idea what's going on here, everything was fine and then i've installed r58 and now can't scroll my screen...

    code is simple

    +Player_Detector: On collision with Blocker_Left
    ++Blocker_Left: Go_Left_To = "UpperCorridor" -> 
                    -> System: Set Player_Position to 926
                    -> System: Set scroll X to 820

    Player_Position is a variable whitch controls Player.X position.

    In r57, when player_detector collide with Blocker_Left it moves player to a new position, and screen scrolls to a new position as well - pretty straight forward.

    but in r58 look's like collision is not triggered, player can overlapp or walk through blocker_detector and nothing happening :/

    I didn't do or change anything after installing r58, just save project in r57, installed r58, open project in r58, that's it :(

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  • Can you make a .capx reproducing this or send me yours? (You can email it if you want to keep it private.)

  • Just send you a PM with link to my project file.

    And one more thing i've noticed. In the event sheet "Player" there's a small "Player Collision Tests" section:

    +Player_detector overlaps Object_Detector -> set Player_action to something

    +Player_detector [inverted]overlaps Object_Detector -> set Player_action to ""

    It works perfectly fine in r57.

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