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  • Problem Description


    I am currently exploring Construct 2 for integration in online classes that the company I work for are developping.

    Compatibility is one the most important thing that is required and so far almost everything works.

    Our only issue is when seeing the project on a iPad or Mac (safari) through the LMS that we use (d2l), the project simply wont load and is stuck in Construct2's loading page.

    The bug can be viewed here (

    And here is the console on Safari (

    However, the project works when viewed from my personal domain. So the problem comes from the LMS.

    Any idea on what can fix this?

    Thanks alot.

    The working project can be viewed on, but the LMS version cannot be shared on this forum.

    Affected Browsers

      Chrome (ipad) Safari (Mac and iPad)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Safari on Mac

    Browsers on iPad

    *Note: Strangely, safari 5 on windows 7 does work.

    Construct 2 Version ID


  • After further investigation, I found out that the issue was linked to the images not being able to load.

    I deleted the code that stops the script when finding the error, and the project loads without the images showing.

    The code I removed is :

    img_["cocoonLazyLoad"] = true;

    img_.onerror = function (e)


    img_.c2error = true;

    anyImageHadError = true;

    if (console && console.error)

    console.error("Error loading image '" + img_.src + "': ", e);


    The error on the console is: Error loading image 'Image source here'.

    It is important to note that the link to the image is good.

    Thanks alot for any help you can give me,

    Nicolas Lacroix,

    Web programmer

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  • Sorry, there's nothing we can do about this without at least a link to investigate.

    Most reports like this are simply because you forgot to upload all the files, so the images are returning 404 not found. This is a very common mistake. Alternatively the server configuration may be set to only serve files from a specific path and not a subfolder, or something like that.

  • I found a alternative so this topic is now obsolete.

    How do I delete this forum post?

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