Problems in making a level editor

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  • Problem Description

    Working on a grid-based level editor prototype, which will be used in the grid-based level editor in my game

    Attach a Capx!GJ8XGAQK!h3d9eUd7cD3k ... AwlIKgVGK4 (I just started using MEGA <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz">)

    Description of Capx

    The prototype .capx

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Edit the grid (inside the preview)
    • Click "Save"
    • Make another edit
    • Click "Save" again
    • Click "Load"

    Observed Result

    The sprite positions from the first saved grid data wasn't saved with the new grid data. Instead, a single value was assigned to the data array at (0, 0), causing a sprite to be appeared at the first grid when loading the new data.

    Expected Result

    The sprite positions from the first saved grid data should remain in the new grid data, not assigning the position of the sprite at the first grid.

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: (YES)
    • FireFox: (YES)
    • Internet Explorer: (YES)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 10 x64

    Construct 2 Version ID

    r218 beta (the prototype .capx was made in the old version of C2)


    The preview of the events inside the .capx (the load/save mechanism...)

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  • Closing, please see the bug report guidelines. Your example .capx uses a third party plugin. Also I don't see any evidence that the problem is with C2 and not just a mistake in your events. As per the guidelines please provide the minimum events possible to unequivocally prove there is a problem with C2.

  • Ashley - Oh, I forgot to remove that plugin. I'm just only using Array plugin.

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