Problem with .capx.backup files

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  • Hi guys, i have a problem with my Backups files...

    for some reason when i save my project, for some reason the files




    get bigger overtime...

    for example i save one time and the files become 700mb i save 10 minutes later and the files become 1.4gb i save 5 minutes later and the files become 2.6gbs... i dont know wy its doing this to me...the project does not have any big sprites or graphics...

    when the files become bigger... everytime i save the saving takes up to 30 minutes... its really annoying. can someone give me support :/

    Operating system & service pack:

    Win8 SP1

    Construct 2 version:


  • Can you provide a project that reproduces this issue?

  • no... the project has creations of many people, unless there is a way to send you the caproj privately to you ashley.

    i think i fixed it by moving the backup folder out of my project folder...

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  • Can you provide a project that reproduces this issue?

    i figure it out... finally

    the backups folder should not be in the same folder of the project...

    i moved the backups folders to the C2 root and now uts working great :)

  • Yeah, the backup folder should not be the project folder! If you do that, each backup file will include all the other backup files, causing them to grow in size.

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