Problem with sound in Safari ios6

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  • Hi Ashley! I saw your answer for error:

    I created the new program it is here on dropbox

    Test need to be done on ipad2 or ipad3

    1. Just start the program (picture and voice on one layout , then program going to other layout with other picture and voice and then going back up to all voices is finished )

    2. click the screen and wait up to program stop to work .

    Program written as you recommended. It start sounds only ones(triggers plus flag) . Program works on PC at any browser. On ipad2 it stops always somewhere in the middle.

    The only way to make program to work stable is delete all ogg files from folder media . After that no problems at all!!!.

    So it looks as constructor or ios 6 sometimes try to play wrong file types.

    I send all pictures and sound that participate in the loop because I can not predict when problem is happens but code is straightforward and simple


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  • I told that to Ashley and he doesn't believe us

  • Please see how to report bugs. It is extremely difficult to test projects like this to prove it is not a mistake in the events, and that the bug really is in C2. Please reproduce the issue in a new project using minimal events and objects and re-post the report. If you cannot do that, it does suggest the problem is in your events and you are responsible for exhausting device memory (or some other issue). Especially in the 'Hardcoding' event sheet there are a lot of events which appear to run every tick and include an action to play audio. Closing for now

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