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  • Hi,

    I have a strange problem with setting animation frame action.

    Not sure if its something I'm doing wrong but seems a bug from some tests I tried.

    I have a traffic light sprite with 3 animations for red,yellow,green.

    the event sheet is like this:

    <img src="" border="0">

    Frame 1 is set but frame 0 is not.

    When I set at the end action to destroy the sprite it works.

    So the events are reaching to the end but animation is never set to frame 0.

    • If I just disable setting frame 1 I do see frame 0.
    • If I just disable the wait between set frame 1 and set frame 0,

    I also see frame 0.

    • If I drag the actions to the start layout condition and disable the

    bulltet motion all frame works.

    I tried to disable the bullet motion and just use move to position,

    but still skipping set of frame 0.

    Here is a link to the capx file:

    any idea whats wrong with it?



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  • Try add a system condition "Trigger once while true" in event 2.

    Also remove the last wait action from event 2, it is useless to have a wait action as last in the action stack.

    At the moment, any time the distance between the green light and the target is <= 20, the whole bunch of actions gets executed.

    Meaning that every tick, the frame gets set to 1.

    Be sure to read again the wait tutorial and the manual entry about how events work.

    Also this is not a C2 bug, so I'm moving the topic to the how do I section.

  • thanks :) the condition once while true works.

    the last wait is there because I wanted to add another action after it.

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