Problem with "On Start Of Layout"

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  • I am having quite a bit of a problem with the "On Start of Layout" condition in my events sheet.

    I am using the same events sheet for all of the levels in my game, and it has worked very well until a few hours ago when only the "On start of Layout" function stopped working.

    My events sheet:

    -System-On start of layout

           > Set Time Scale = 1

           > Set "Next" button Invisible

    -System-(seconds still)= 3

           > Set Time Scale = 1/4

           > Set "Next" button Visible

    -Mouse-On left button clicked on "Next"

           > Go to next layout

    To the best of my knowledge, because both of the layouts use the same events sheet, this should make the "Next" button turn invisible and the Timescale return to normal when the next level launches; yet unfortunately, it leaves both of these the way they were at the end of the previous layout.

    Either this is a bug, or I am doing something really stupid.... And if someone could please spread their knowledge, that would be awesome.... thanks in advance!

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  • Does the

    -System-(seconds still)= 3

    have any other conditions? Maybe it is firing all the time.

    Try the trigger once function?

  • Please see how to report bugs, you should provide a .capx of the project with the problem. Although in this case it sounds like a mistake in your events and not a Construct 2 bug.

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