Preview not working anymore after update to r200

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  • Problem Description

    After updating to latest build 200 the preview in browser does not work anymore

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: (YES)
    • Internet Explorer: (YES)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    windows 8.1 pro

    Construct 2 Version ID


    After the update, i could use the software the same day, even if something weird was happening with a part of my code (a simple number not collected anymore by funcion.param)

    I had to stop 2 weeks from using it and today the surprise... there's NO WAY to start preview anymore on localhost!!!! Every time, even starting the software as administrator, all i obtain is a blank page with "page not available" error....

    Please can you give me some hints? Because actually i can't use the software anymore...

  • You must realize that the problem most likely lies with your computer, otherwise there would be thousands of post regarding this issue.

    What have you installed recently? Are there any error messages? Have you tried disabling all browser addons? Is it the same for every C2 project, even the built-in examples?

    Have you tried the tutorial re: troubleshooting the preview browser here:

  • Hi zenox98, i'm aware that probably is a problem in my environment and that maybe the update is only a casual event

    For this reason i asked for hints, maybe it happaned to someone else

    Thanks for you reply, will update you soon!

  • Solved the Issue!

    Here what i did:

    1) Open CMD as administrator

    2) wrote the line to reset the winsock: netsh winsock reset catalog

    3) restarted the computer

    All back working now!

    Maybe it can be useful to put it in the troubleshooting tutorial

  • Closing as not a C2 bug, sounds like a local network config problem.

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  • i think you could include the fix in your troubleshooting guide

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