Possible bug with platform collision [r111]

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  • Hi, I found something strange with platform collision in r111. I was making a small level in C2, testing out rotations. A quick explanation of the system: I have several rotating sprites. They operate in pairs - one rotates clockwise, the other counter, and there are several in a row - and their collision polygons are hexagonal. What this means is that any object on top of them (in my case a ship) will seem like it is swaying or bobbing over the sea.

    With version 108, the effect was smooth but with 111, the collisions seem to make the ship jitter a lot more, as if the polygons are pushing the ship a bit more forcefully. As per Ashley's request, here is the *.capx:


    Any ideas? I don't know why it moves smoother with 108. Also apologies since the level is kind of messy and incomplete otherwise.

    EDIT: Sorry, forgot to mention that you can move around with arrow keys or WASD.

  • Yes, after the update, my controlled platform sprites can't fall through a jump-thru platform! Anyone having a problem like mine too?

  • Wow, I had no idea anyone used the Platform behavior like this - I designed it for running along flat platforms that don't rotate. So I'm actually kind of impressed it works.

    I tried it in Chrome with r111 and it appears to be pretty smooth. Can you explain more about precisely what you think is different?

    Note the Platform behavior in r111 supports sub-pixel precision now - perhaps setting Pixel Rounding on or Point sampling in project properties will help it appear smoother? (since it won't have any sub-pixel jitter)

    Jaydon - that does not sound related to this thread, and I checked and jump-thru platforms seem to be working OK in r111. Please post a separate thread taking note of how to report bugs if you think you have another issue.

  • Hi Ashley, thanks for the feedback. The rotation method was a gamble - I wanted to achieve a bobbing effect, and wondered if collision boxes of different shapes would react that way if their shapes were irregular. Guess it worked! Glad you liked it :)

    It may be hard to explain, though the "up and down" effect in 108 was smoother whereas in 111, the boat jittered more when its lower surface was touched by the rotating pixels. But following your suggestion, I turned on Point Sampling and there's no more jitter now :)

    Thanks a lot ;)

  • bergmark

    I noticed you had put that the health bar doesn't follow as you want. Try adding a new layer - call it hud - move the health bar and it's box to it and set the hud parallax setting to 0,0.

  • Yeah, I'm having the same problem as Jaydon. I even tried just using the default platformer template (unchanged) as a new project, and I still can't fall through the "jump-thru" platforms even in that. I tried using Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and it's still the same thing in all of them, it won't let me fall through the "jump-thru" platforms (the blue colored ones in the default platformer template), and I'm pressing the down arrow too like it's coded in the event sheet.

  • Thanks zenox, I did that the following day ^__^ The *.capx is a bit outdated now, I've already fixed the HUD, added mirrored movement and shooting, more sounds and came up with a way to lock scrolling (a heavy handed way, alas, but it works).

    While it's just a small test of what I can and can't do with C2, I hope to complete it soon.

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  • Closing: OP issue is resolved, and fall through issue (which is not related to the OP) is separately also resolved for the next build.

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