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  • Hi, i'm working in the test game by Construct 2, my first game :D. But, it's got a 2 problems:

    FIRST: In the localhost server preview by Construct all of then images appear normally, but when I put it this in my on-line server, some images does not appear. Why? Are two PNG 24bits images. My resources are Intel Core i5, 3.40Ghz, 8gb RAM, Radeon HD 6800. Chrome and Firefox last versions.

    SECOND: In the Firefox, the game dont work because request permission to save datafiles. I permited, but, dont work.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    What happening? The game is online at


  • Ah! In the fist PNG that I show, it's a Sprite. Second PNG is a Particle. I used Construct 2 last version.

  • OMG, I dont understand. I exported by HTML5, but using Letterbox Scale (I guess it does not influence). Now, the landing station does not appear and particles working, why??? Plz, help me.

    Image below

  • <img src="" border="0" />

  • When executing your game from your server please check for errors in your browser.

    If an image don't appear, it's possibly because the browser can't find it and/or the file was corrupted while uploading to the server.

    When executing your URL you gave, my firebug indicates 3 files that return "NetworkError: 403 Forbidden"

    Generally 403 error means that the file can't be accessed/is in a restricted folder of the server.

    It has nothing to do with Construct 2 but with your hosting.

    As firefox allow for less JS errors on execution than Chrome, that's why the execution won't go further.

    The authorization you give is to allow offline gaming and is unrelated to the rest of the execution.

    Make sure the missing files are uploaded and are available for download and all your issues should be fixed.

    Also, rather than bumping your thread (posting several posts in a row) prefer using the "Edit post" post option.

  • Closing due to a server misconfiguration rather than Construct 2 bug.

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  • Thank you, Kyatric and Ashley for help. I will follow the rules for posting correctly.

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