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  • lucid

    Hi Ashley, i would like to ask you to please give me some way to contacting you about a problem i have with construct 2 and the SCML plugin(bug) , but since you dont have the PMs activated i needed to open a thread to ask you.

    my game has quite some art in it, hence the reason i just cant post my .capx here, so i need to contact you, please.

    this is a bug that i have spent 2 weeeks triying to solve, and i cant pin point what exactly i acusing it, but i do know to replicate it and i can give you expecific instructions about what part of my game is causing it. (is not a global bug, its about an enemy that behaves weird made with spriter)

    please, i request thech support from you, only of desperation becuase like i said we have spent 2 weeks triying to solve this problem , we have tried everything, even remaking the enemy 2 times in spriter. and nothing. please contact me, we are losing too much time on this and we have a deadline of 4 months to realease a demo. we love the support of spriter on c2 and we want to reccomend the use of c2 and spriter, but as of now, if we cant get this fixed, will have no other chioce but to just use the normal sprite plugin (wich has less features)

    Please, contact us. -Luna

  • If you can replicate, then why not do that with placeholder graphics, then post a simplified .capx highlighting the exact problem? That way, more people can get involved in trying to help resolve whether it is a bug or something else.

    BTW have you contacted the makers of Spriter - Lucid ? - to see if they can help? It can't hurt to ask.

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  • zenox98

    Thanks, but the problem is exactly with something that is art made by us, and its impossible to simplifie the .capx, since the code for this would be at least 300 events. and i cant make place holder of this, its a spriter swordsman with very complicated animation.

    i will contact lucid too, but first i wanted to see if ashley could help me.

    thanks a lot for your suggestions

  • Lunatrap you didn't tag Ashley properly (misspelling)

    edit: oh it was ok in the subject, maybe that will work

  • codah oH THANKS!!! XDDD


  • .

  • hello Lunatrap,

    For future reference you can easily get my attention if you mention me (@lucid) the way gameop did (thanks), which gives me a notification, or post in the main Spriter thread. I don't browse the entire Scirra forum often, but I do check my notifications often.

    Please send me an email with the capx (and preferably also the zipped Spriter project folder (scml/scon file, and all images/subfolders)), with an explanation of how to get the bug to happen, and I'll get back to you asap.

  • lucid

    thanks, i sent it

  • Using artwork is no reason not to file a bug - simply blank it out with placeholders and go ahead and file the report.

    However having said that, in our experience bugs which can't be reproduced in a new empty project and involve lots of events (you said 300!) are typically mistakes in the events, not C2 bugs. Also since you use a third party plugin, if the bug is with that plugin we cannot offer support, and this is why we require that all bug reports do not use any third party plugins. I'd recommend first trying to sort it out with lucid and if he determines there is an issue in C2 then we'd be happy to look in to it.

    Moving to 'Closed bugs' for now.

  • lucid

    the demo capx file for your spriter demo i change the original player to the one i got when i buy spriter with the sword but when i'm and the ground i cant swing the sword only in the air i'm not sure what to do.

  • Reidacity, make sure the animation names are the same, and if not change the actions to have the new animation names.

  • lucid

    the demo capx file for your spriter demo i change the original player to the one i got when i buy spriter with the sword but when i'm and the ground i cant swing the sword only in the air i'm not sure what to do.

    My guess is there's an event that says: if on ground and not moving, change animation to idle, and another that says: if on ground and moving, change animation sequence to walk.

    These events will always immediately change your sword swing back to walk or idle.

    I suggest you create a variable called "stuck in move", and when you start any animation like a sword swing, change the variable to 1...and when the animation finishes, change the variable back to 0.

    Then in the events that change the animation to idle or walk, add the additional condition :if "stuck in move=0"

    This way, any special animation wont get replace with walk or idle.


    Mike at BrashMonkey

  • Thank you,

    It works great thank man.

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