My player jerks into the air when I walk anywhere.

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  • Problem Description[/ So this might be a problem on might part, but I've checked the art, the animations, the "code", and the original art files. So the problem is that when I move left or right all I see is my character being jerked into the air. So can anyone help me? I don't really understand majority of the requirements under this so I just got rid of them... I'm using the most recent version of construct 2. Here is an example... Thanks for reading through my problem.

  • Quickest and most efficient method of getting a useful and quick hepful response is if you provide your .capx for us to check, otherwise we can only use guesswork.

    Things you need to check are the collision polygons and Origin settings.

    Also, combining behaviors that are not meant to be used together can cause issues, such as using Platform and Physics together.

  • I don't know how to upload .capx files.

  • I don't know how to upload .capx files.

    Just realized you have posted this in the 'Bugs' section which is specifically for bugs in the Construct 2 software, which I highly doubt this is the case.

    As such I must say that in order to post here, you MUST follow the Bug Reporting Requirements.

    This guide also tells you how to provide a .capx for your report. Basically, save as a single file, then upload to a free hosting site, such as Dropbox, Google/Microsoft drive etc, and post the public link here.

    Not following the requirements means this post will be closed automatically be Ashley.

    If you think you have posted in the wrong section, then please repost in the 'How Do I' section, along with a .capx so we can see the problem you have.

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  • ok

  • Closing, please see the bug report requirements

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