Platformer Performing erratically

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  • Did the fogs just made the screen black? Oo"

    Also, it seems like they're pushing the player to death?

    Look, sorry for the lack of info, but it is hard for me to be descriptive with an error like that... also, it seems by your posts that you guys aren't getting the errors i am?

    Do you see the player appearing in a black BG (Instead of my blue one, then the clouds kinda pushing him up...

    then he keeps dying and reappearing forever? because the ground where he is supposed to appear and stay is not there?

    And i can't give anymore system specs other than Windows 7 and 32-Bits, because the computer i'm using now is not mine. :(

  • Lol, it's more or less obvious you did something wrong. :p

    Your event sheets are pretty confusing- they need some organization and simplification, on a wide scale.

    Oh, and here's the big kicker:

    All of your objects, from what I can see, have the physics behavior.

    If you have the physics behavior, ALL YOUR STUFF WILL FALL DOWN TO THE CENTER OF GRAVITY.


    I tried toggling events before the obvious hit me.

    What you want is platform behaviors and the like. Physics has specific uses, and just because you give something "physics" doesn't mean exactly what you think it means.

  • Please, CenSilver, read how to report bugs. Reports like this are not useful to us. It is perfectly possible to make a .capx which works like that and encounters no bugs. We don't know what you are trying to do.

    From the guidelines:

    reate a new topic with a descriptive title for the bug

    ost your system specs ... including your browser

    ost a detailed series of steps to reproduce the problem... include what you expected to happen, and what actually happened

    For example, you appear to have given the Physics behavior to the entire level so everything is in free-fall. This might be what you intended. I don't know, maybe you are trying to make a game which plays entirely in free-fall? Interesting idea. Or maybe you consider it a bug? We're not telepathic, you need to include all the information in the "how to report bugs" guide otherwise we simply cannot do anything about reports like this. Please, help us help you.

  • I think the issue was that he thought he needed the physics behavior so that objects would be able to jump, fall down, etc.

    Platform behavior is more than sufficient.

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  • ^- Better Now?

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