Platform not steady on solids with angle sine

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  • Player jitters on floor, causing missed jumps request

    This is more critical when the platform angle is between 90-270, making jumping almost impossible.

    Attach a Capx

    Is this a bug or should i handle jumping from rotating platforming separately with vector Y/X?

    Update: I found a temporary solution, if the wall angle is between 300-420 and the player is not jumping, i am pushing the player 2px in self.angle+90, this keeps him steady and jumping is working better.

    Maybe this is something that should be auto implemented for the platform plugin.

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  • This is an incredibly difficult problem, since the gradient of the floor is changing. The platform behavior can only climb slopes of a certain increment and to be realistic it should "slide off" if it gets too steep. However the platform behavior does not actually know the gradient of the floor it's standing on, since slopes are handled only while moving. The platform behavior is already extremely complicated as well, with the ability to handle rotating gravity, jump-thrus and more. So I'm afraid I don't think we will fix this.

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