Platform glitch, doesn't jump when next to wall

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  • Problem Description

    When an object with platform behavior stands next to a solid (like a step) and tries to jump up and over it, sometimes (not every time) there's a glitch where the player instantly moves to the top of the next of the adjacent step instead of jumping up over it. Hard to explain, but look at the attached animated gif for an example of what is happening

    edit: here's another video that helps demonstrate the issue:

    (the first character's jump is good, but you'll see subsequent jumps are buggy)

    This didn't seem to happen until the recent beta release though I may have just not noticed it before.

    I wonder if this is a result of a recent fix in r172:

    "Bug Fix

    Platform behavior: could not jump while running up slopes (issue introduced in r171 because i still see the issue there)"

    ** EDIT: I went back and tested in r170 and it seems to work fine. Looks like the problem is introduced with r171. **

    Description of Capx

    just the simple platform template, see attachment

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • move player right next to step
    • push up and right at the same time

    Observed Result

    sometimes, not every time, the player climbs up the stair instead of jumping up over it like expected

    Expected Result

    the player to jump up over the step instead of climb it

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: YES
    • FireFox: YES Operating System and Service Pack windows 8 Construct 2 Version ID r172
  • I found I have the same problem in the gravity based side of my game. when you are moving over rounded areas you can not jump, you have to stop before it will alow you to jump.

    here is a link from the tuts section below. It will demonstrate perfectly.

    ( original tut) ... tform-game

  • So I went and tested my platform test capx in r170 and it works fine! Seems like the issue is introduced in r171 because I do still see the issue there.

    Hope this gets fixed soon as it affects my 2030 game jam entry (here's a video link that demonstrates the issue

    . The first jump is ok but then you can see the problem with following jumps)

    However MelVin I think I still get the same issue you are seeing with your capx, I wonder if your issue is a separate one. Try changing your character's collision box to a perfect square (fit to bounds), that seems to work better for me with your capx

  • The collision is a rectangle, and has to stay that way for the sake of the game:( I'm not sure what is causing it, but regardless of what I try I haven't gotten it to work properly. It seems to have a problem right as the collision steps slightly higher as the gravity angle changes, I thought it was the same thing. Apologizes if I hijacked your thread.

  • I looked at the exported c2runtime differences between r170 and r170, I believe I found the javascript change that causes this issue with my project. Seems to work fine when I revert that line of javascript back to 170

    sorry attachment image is a bit big, just right click it and open image in a new window, or download it

    if I change

    else if (!slope_too_steep && !jump)

    back to

    else if (!slope_too_steep && Math.abs(this.dy) < 15)

    then seems to work fine again

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  • Looking at the code change you suggest, it would probably bring back the terrible slope jumping bug too, so I think the solution will be a little trickier still

  • The old code caused other bugs. I've tweaked it to a middle ground and it seems to work OK in both cases now.

  • Ashley thank you very much, the latest release seems to solve the issue my game had

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