Pinned Items do not get mirrored

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  • Hi, thanks for fixing the lag on the pinned items. A new error seems to have popped up in r69. Previously pinned items were automatically mirrored when the item they were pinned to got mirrored. This no longer occurs which will be a problem for any jointed style animations that use pinning to keep elements in the same relative position to each other.

  • This is by design - see the changelog, mirroring is no longer tied to the angle, you have to use 'set mirrored' actions instead. It's easy to work around:

    + Sprite is between 270 and 90 degrees:

    -> set not flipped

    + Sprite is between 90 and 270 degrees:

    -> set flipped

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  • I'm not sure if that's the problem.

    The basic situation is that I have a platform game with a main sprite that has a weapon pinned to it, when the character switches from moving left to moving right I am mirroring it so that it faces the correct direction. Previously the pinned items would reflect this and also mirror accordingly, this doesn't seem to be happening now and I have to manually mirror each pinned item. This would start becomming laborious if I was constructing a character that had multiple items pinned to it for whatever reason.

    I am not changing the angle value at all (I read the release notes and removed the angle transformation).

    Is this the intended behaviour?

  • This is the intended behavior yes, you must always mirror objects by events now. Closing as by design.

  • Hi there,

    I know this is an old post, but I thought I would respond in case anyone else runs into this problem. I had a similar issue just a couple of weeks ago: even though I mirrored both the character and the item, when mirrored, the item's image flipped but was still in the same location in relation to the player (as it was pinned in place) and sort of floated behind her. If the item is a weapon for example, you can imagine how that could be problematic. Perhaps this is a rookie move, but I fixed it by moving the image point on the pinned item so that, when pinned, the image point falls in the centre of the character. It now mirrors properly: when the character and the item are mirrored, the item (ex: weapon) appears on the correct side of the character, rather than appearing to float and trail behind her.

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